tavabean (tavabean) wrote,

Why am I annoyed? (little Rant ahead)

I don't even watch the show. (SGU)
But after seeing a few things on Twitter and other sites, I am a bit annoyed with one of the actors on the show. I'm used to a bit more from the SG folks, I guess.
Brian Jacob Smith just seems a bit immature and childish to me.
Back in October when got offended about how people were criticizing the show and vowed not to Tweet anymore.

"Was wondering how to break the news, but I'll just lay it out there - I'm taking a "leave of absence" from twitter starting this weekend...
10:50 PM Oct 27th, 2009 from web"

"@SPeitsch No, twitter was not a marketing ploy-I don't like reading the crummy things people get to say about me online, that's why I leave.
10:19 AM Oct 28th, 2009 from web"

of course, after garnering alot of sympathy from people who reassured him the "haters" were evil and he was loved, he tweeeted along on his merry way.

Now, he was supposed to appear at a con in the UK:
"Ok, I'll spill the beans - I'll be doing the Chevron 7.4 event in the UK, which is quite exciting - also..
5:50 AM Nov 9th, 2009 from web"
but today announced (evidently not even telling the organizers of the event), via Twitter:

"Sorry UK folks, but I've pulled out of Chevron 7.4 in Birmingham. It's a real shame. Was really looking forward to meeting my UK tweeps! :(
about 7 hours ago from web"
"@KrissHarmsworth My going was conditional on other members of the SGU cast being there - not interested in going to an SGA/SG1 con.
about 7 hours ago from web in reply to KrissHarmsworth"
"@debsa68 Yes, hoping next time. Here's hoping they agree to bring in more than just one person from SGU! It's an ensemble show, spread love!
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to debsa68"

Passive aggressive much?
(not saying I'm not that way myself at times, and this could all be hormones talking.... :( )
*walks off to eat a chocolate orange*
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