tavabean (tavabean) wrote,

I keep ripping the bandage off the wound!

So, guess the jokes on me, but here is more irritating/depressing stuff about the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis and the creation of Stargate Universe by one of TPTB, Rob Cooper.

"Yeah. Neither one of us really wanted to do the same thing again. We had felt like we had done Stargate, as it was, almost to death. And that 15 seasons of that type of television, we were running out of ways to be fresh and interesting in the writers’ room."

"We’re trying to make a show that we think is good and that we would watch. And I think Stargate Universe is much closer than either of the other two shows to a show that I would want to watch. As a viewer, when I sit down to watch TV, this is much closer to the type of show I really enjoy."

"Well, the first thing you have to do is write a script that will attract an actor of that calibre[referring to Robert Carlyle]. They won’t just agree to do anything. And I know that’s sort of patting ourselves on the back, but that was the… the attitude going in was we wanted to write a better quality piece, and so we could attract a higher prestige level of actor. Then it follows from there. Because once we had him, we found we had a better quality of actors coming in for the other roles."

He was evidently quite burned out. And he was one of my favorite PTB. Darn it, it just makes me sad.
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