tavabean (tavabean) wrote,

I'm getting tired of despising these guys...

But hey, they give us so much material.
I thought I'd be over caring much about what the Stargate PTB say/do/spit out, but saw the following interview with Brad Wright in a couple of places today and couldn't help myself.
"SG-1 was a family show that was kind of bubble-gummy, we had big rubber-faced, English speaking bad guys, you know,” Wright says. “I’m not second-guessing 300-plus hours of Stargate, those two shows were what they were, they certainly fit the way Richard Dean Anderson likes to do things, which is quippy and funny and not taking things too seriously. But we wanted to do some real drama, and I didn’t want to run around in trees anymore too.”

"All of these things that we asked for required a lot more money than we started either of these (previous) shows with. We are starting Universe much more well-financed. The other two were good shows and I’m proud of most of them, but they kind of looked occasionally cheaper than a network show. And this one looks expensive.”

“We launched Atlantis really without a major name, because of the funding level,” says Wright, adding the same backstage crew — from writers to construction — put out Atlantis and SG-1 simultaneously for three seasons.
Disgusted, I am.
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