tavabean (tavabean) wrote,

Yeah, Actors are Important....

This is from the comments I made at Wraithfodders Lair

Here is why I think Joe and some of the others may not have thought they, as actors, were valued by TBTB. These are exerpts from someone who attended the Comic Con SGU party in San Diego:

"I approached a trio of middle aged men heatedly discussing the role of CGI and actors in the future. I thought that they might be writers since they clearly weren’t pretty people but weren’t carrying bags and tape recorders like the journalists. Two of the men insisted that while actors were important, perfect CGI meant that their appearance could be effectively “skinned” on. The third man, who looked a bit like Jeffrey Katzenberg, argued that while he might sound like an analog dinosaur, he felt that actors brought something indefinable that layered CGI always ruined...."

"The presentation started then as two of the three guys who had been talking about CGI so animatedly (faux Jeffrey Katzenberg included), mounted a little platform, took the microphones, and introduced themselves as Brad and Rob."

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