tavabean (tavabean) wrote,

Why do I even read his Blog?

I keep going back to JM's Blog of Doom for some self flagellant reason, and today he had a Q & A by his Production Assistant, Ashleigh.
One of the questions was as follows:
And keep in mind she works for him.

"Craig MD writes: “Question for Ashleigh: Don’t you get annoyed at Mallozzi for taking all those pictures of you? Wouldn’t you like a better job where your not always getting “caught on film”?” 

Ashleigh: I am a shy person, so getting my pic taken was a little off putting at first…but you soon learn that he is going to take a pic of you whether you are just sitting there doing nothing or not…so you better just smile."

Guess JF just wasn't the type to "grin and bear it,"  huh?
*lufs Joe more every day*

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