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Poor Joe,
He gets whumped as much as Sheppard did, it seems. From a new interview:

And from the sound of it, Flanigan gets 'whacked around a good bit" in real life, too.

"I sit here talking to you with a fully separated AC joint - third degree AC separation, a semi-chopped off finger, and it’s all from just nonsensical stuff like mountain biking. And, I’m actually sitting at the base of Aspen Mountain as we speak trying to figure out if I’m going to go cross-country skiing, snowboarding, or just down-hilling. I live for it. And that’s why I think I like action/adventures, because I just need to physicalize things, and it’s tough for me to be inside doing domestic-like acting."

also, about SGA:

"As you know, the franchise has been summarily closed.  That doesn’t mean that’s the end of the franchise by any stretch of the imagination, especially if I have my druthers, I’ll find a way to bring it back. I think the fans deserve to see some closure or at least some type of continuation. I think that - and especially in regards to my show, it was just unceremoniously closed and we need to do something about it."


Another interview just posted here (from the same conference call, I believe):
Where he says he doesn't think CoP is going to be made into a series. Just finished this one, it's very interesting. Joe said if he had been able to do CoP he would have been able to direct.
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