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Why couldn't certain other PTB's have this attitude?

 An interview with Supernatural's Eric Kripke on why he's stepping aside as "day to day showrunner" and taking an advisory role on the show:

Why did you decide to step down as showrunner?
We were reaching the end of this five-year story line [so] I thought the timing was right. I knew that we were closing this chapter and opening a new one. It felt like it was the right time to take a step back and focus on new projects, but still keep my grubby little mitts in the show. It was a lot about Sera and her enthusiasm and her ambition. I really think after five years of all of my crap, to have someone who has a fresh perspective and a fresh energy on these characters and this universe is healthy for the show. Supernatural has always been a show about reinvention. We try really hard not to do the same thing. I thought that Sera’s [increased] involvement really helped guarantee that this season is going to feel a little different, a little fresher. She has a different sensibility.

Rest of interview here: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2010/07/15/supernatural-season-6-spoilers/
Beware of Season 6 Supernatural Spoilers

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