tavabean (tavabean) wrote,


Inquisition was very appropriate for this time of year.
Backroom deals in smoke filled rooms?

Well, tomorrow is election day.
Wonder who will be the president-elect as of  this time tomorrow  and what the future will hold?
I really think that the congress and senate have more influence over our lives than the president does.
Other than the choice of Supreme Court Justices, who will shape our country many years into the future with their decisions.
So I am pro choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-universal heath care, pro winning the war against terror and am for staying in Iraq, pro animal-rights, anti taxing anybody, especially the small business people who make up a significant portion of our economy. I am not a religious person and question the existence of god. But I am for a very limited role for government and increased border control. I am for the legalization of marijuana and possibly other drugs. I am so confused. Who should I vote for?
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