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Joe Flanigan photo

I've been seeing this photo around the net today and had to post it, Joe's looking so good. I think better than in quite a while. Glad to see.
(originally posted on Instagram by wavebrains and reposted by aleezahkh)

Stargate Atlantis 10 year Anniversary!

I'm not a writer. I'm not an artist. I am just someone with a great love for Stargate Atlantis and for those who make up its' fandom. Just wanted to say thank you all for 10 years of wonderful fic, wonderful art and wonderful creativity! Thank you so much to those who've shared their experiences at cons and for those who've shared how their lives have grown and changed via the SG fandom.

For all the incredible memories, I thank you with all my heart!


Behind the scenes SGA

Here's part of Joe's panel at the Edmonton Expo Con from this past weekend:

Interesting what goes on behind the scenes.
Joe fought really hard to get us more SGA.

Editing to add part one of the panel:

Happy Black Cat Day!

Introvert vs Extrovert

Read an article about Introversion and Extroversion on I09 and thought it interesting. I'm definitely an introvert, social interaction drains me!


This is Susan Cain talking about introversion:


Saw this on kapuahi's LJ

If you were a Hobbit, your name would be Jongwen Gardner
and if you were a (female) Man, your name would be Legalellan
and if you were an Elf, your name would be Sydë
and if you were a Dwarf, your name would be Laellyra
and if you were an Orc, your name would be Vrirk
Your nearest Tavern might be called The Sleeping Munchkin
and your sword would be called Augalol



MLK - I Have A Dream

The entire speech, the anniversary was yesterday:


Wednesday post - SG on Twitter

Some/most of the Stargate actors/writers/associates have twitter accounts and post with varying frequency.  

Not exhaustive, not alphabetical and probably light on the SGU actors because I'm not sure of all their names. And despite popular belief, Jason Momoa does not have an account.

TwitteratiCollapse )

Happy to add any others.

Tonight's Post - Kittens!

Here is something to watch if you are feeling down. A Kitten Cam! This one is from Washington State, "stars" a very kind man John, AKA Foster Dad John and the litters of kittens he fosters for his local Cat Rescue organization, Purrfect Pals.  This litter is 5 weeks old as of this posting. Each group of kittens has a theme, the last group were The Mythbusters and this is The Looney Tune Fosters. Hazel (after the witch) is the mom cat and the little ones are Taz (grey), Marvin(grey and mostly white), Sylvester (mostly grey and white) and Penelope(the little calico).   (The cam has a chat and a facebook page and you can see there are fangirls and boys for everything!) http://new.livestream.com/FosterKittenCam/TheLooneyFosters        MarvinSingsbyTheCritterRoom


Haven't posted in Forever

Guess I'll try to post something too, in the spirit of things. Not much to say so here's a couple of vids from YouTube (first one has a lot of pixelation, not sure if that was intentional or it's just my computer:                     

                    And a Sheppard vid.   Sheesh, haven't posted anything since the changes hit LJ, hope this works.